Woman, Your Majesty!

The TRIO school of music, dance and languages is thrilled to announce two concerts in celebration of International Women’s Day 2013.  On Friday, March 8th, the world celebrates International Women’s Day, and we are excited to endeavor upon this celebration, and we will go beyond by spending the entire month of March focusing our education and efforts on the dignity and essence of women.

It is believed that two million years ago, during the Paleolithic era, societies were run in a matriarchal manner.  Women were considered mystical and divine, because they were able to spawn life. They were the heads of the family and were very influential in their civilization.  Women were empowered to be the decision-makers and inventors.  A woman was regarded in the highest of manners: The Mother of Mankind. 

Later, for centuries, women have been treated unfairly, and they have had to endure many hardships.   From being objectified to sadly unappreciated, women throughout history have had to struggle to achieve and have access to the same opportunities as men.  Courageous women like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Staton  paved the way for women to emerge into the 20th Century free from many of the oppressions forced upon all women.  Staton’s brave methodologies, which she used demanding equal rights for women, have helped women participate in politics.  Anthony’s tireless efforts helped to gain women the right to vote.  These are only two in a long list of tenacious women that have helped change the way women are treated.          

Women have used their strengths even when it opposed the typical expectations of women.  Joan of Arc led the French army against English invasions. Both Marie Curie and Clara Barton created gateways into medical and scientific studies.  At the time women were not considered by the governments to be relevant contributors in those fields, Marie Curie was the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize.  Clara Barton went on to be the founder and first president of the American Red Cross.  Even Rosie the Riveter went against the male expectations of women  and rose up to hold a position in field dominated by men. She led the women of the 1930’s and 1940’s in a female industrial revolution, proving to everyone that women are strong, talented, and capable.

Inspired by the works of these great women and countless others, International Women’s Day was started in order to celebrate and appreciate the greatness of women.  It is a time to be captivated by the essence of women.  Once seen as an object that simply belonged to men, women emerge free to express their creativity, beauty, and intelligence.  Women are now given the chance to showcase their art, to participate in politics, and to lead the free world.  Women must be seen for the beauty they possess internally and externally.  They are inspired and inspirational,  and  they can share what they encompass with the world. 

International Women’s Day is not only a reminder for women everywhere to shine and strive harder in this world, but also an opportunity for women to keep a watchful eye on the future.  Though a lot has changed over the last century, women continue to challenge the stigmas placed upon them.  They are empowered to  succeed in all areas, whether economic, political, or social. 

At TRIO school, the importance of women is showcased through a conscious reminder of the mother’s role in education.  TRIO believes in a parent-teacher-student relationship,  that is integral in the way we teach.  We want to honor the role that a mother plays in a child’s life and incorporate that for the betterment of the child’s education.  

We believe that the arts are an integral core of an outstanding education.  We celebrate this idea through dance, music, and language education.

TRIO has two upcoming concerts in which we will celebrate International Women’s Day. Our theme is:  “Your Majesty, WOMAN.”  Our students will be enjoying this time where we will, more so than ever, learn about the greatnesses of women.  They will be learning about the process that women go through in order to forgive any wrongdoings.  Women have had to struggle with forgiving the governments they’ve been thwarted by.  They have had to learn to forgive their children for their ungratefulness.  The TRIO students will be learning about how women have learned to persevere even when it seemed there would be no end in sight of the cruel or unfair treatment they were suffering under.  We want our students to be learning what the concept of being a woman is, and they will be engaging to recognize the love, beauty, and inspiration that comes from women

We’ve decided to spend two exciting evenings commemorating and appreciating women through artistic expression.  Our first concert  happened at “Sunshine,” the Retirement Living Center in Sunnyvale, on March 3, 2013. Many female residents of that Center could enjoy the performance of our students and instructors, and  they appreciated  our  giving them DVDs with our concerts  as gifts.

Our second concert will happen at Quinlan Community Center in Cupertino on March 27.  Not only will our students and teachers  be performing, but our parents will be joining in the festivities.  We are very excited, and the students are a-buzz in anticipation for everything we will be learning and practicing.  Please, keep an eye on our website for all of the details of the upcoming concerts.  We will also have updates after the shows to regale you with tales of how the students learned and grew from this experience.  We hope to see you soon as we experience the “Your Majesty,Woman” celebration.

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