Welcome to enjoy our  Music and Russian Language camps!

If you want your children to acquire new skills and get basic knowledge  in the subjects they have not been explosed to, join our camps in summer and during Christmas time! Let the children meet with us in a friendly, caring environment.
We know how to Educate, Challenge and Nurture our students!



1)    Piano and voice camp for 6-9 year-old children, who will learn  the basics of music theory in order to  accompany their own singing of familiar songs in English. They will learn how to solfege and how to play uncomplicated  melodies on piano, and they’ll work on their rhythm and pitch.The participants will play on three pianos and several keyboards. On the fifth day,  they will perform at the recital. Hopefully, in the future, they’ll join our school and enroll in private or semiprivate (two students in class)  piano lessons.

They can also enroll in a 10-piano lesson course.

2)    The Russian Song Camp for Russian speakers invites children of 5-8 and 9-12, who are going to learn basic chords to accompany their singing of familiar songs  from Russian cartoons and films on piano. Older Russian speaking children  ( age 9-12) will learn the lyrics and music of the songs by Russian bards, while acquiring basic skills for playing piano.The participants will play on  three pianos and several keyboards. On the fifth day,  they will perform at the recital.

They can also enroll in a 10-piano lesson course.

Those, who do like our camp and are ready for the deeper study, may choose to enroll in 10-lesson course in piano
There is a lot to learn by taking only 10 lessons of piano. Our course is well-structured, and it accommodates the needs of very beginners and intermediate piano players, who will develop their sense of rhythm, who will learn how to read music, hot to play from sheet music, how to read “fake” songs, and much more. Our piano teacher has decades of teaching piano to children and adults.Learn more(Link to Piano page)


3)     “Time to Read and Sing”camp is for the younger children ( age 5-7), who are welcome to learn the Russian alphabet, phonics, syllables, and to start reading. They will also sing popular folk songs and the songs from cartoons. After 5 days, they will have a recital.

group lessons THREE BOYS EDITED


4)    “The Russian Club” camp will offer 9-13 year-old children, who speak Russian but have never been exposed to reading and writing, an opportunity to have a fast-pace journey into the richness of the Russian language. They will start to read short texts syllable by syllable, to memorize and sing fascinating songs by Russian bards. They will have a final recital on the  5 day. Unlike in the Music camp, the emphasis will be on the reading, not music.

When: June, July, August, Christmas time. 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Where: 121 W Washington Ave Ste 208, Sunnyvale CA 94086
Cost: $250

To learn about specific dates, please, Email at [email protected] or call (408) 628-9272

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