Asian Students

How Asian and Slavic Parents Relate

Asian Parent with students in sunnyvale

Asian Parent with students in sunnyvale

Asian parents may not realize how much they have in common with Slavic parents. Many people do not know about the many links between these two sets of cultures. One of the best connections between these parents is their similarity when it comes to beliefs and practices related to raising and educating children. Asian and Slavic parents raise their children in such a way that those value knowledge and respect educators. Slavic and Asian parents encourage their children to remain focused on their goals, which teachers greatly appreciate.

Silicon Valley has become home to an increasing number of Asian, in particular Indian families in recent years. These families can support one another by forming strong community connections with each other as well as with other families. It is important for parents to come together and share ideas not only for their own sake, but for the sake of their children’s education and development.
There are many connections among Indian families, American and Slavic families in the Silicon Valley area. A growing number of educational connections between people in both the United States and India are priceless. There are many Indians from America who go to India to visit families or do business, and many Indians have been able to find opportunities in California.

This is not only true for Indian families, but also for other Asian families. Students from China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and other counties of Asia are all known for their excellent English skills and high levels of academic and artistic performance.
At the Trio School, our Slavic instructors prize Asian students because they exhibit these qualities and also come from families that share Slavic educational values. If you choose to send your children to Trio, rest assured that our teachers will have the same high expectations and helpful attitudes that you yourself show to your children. We take education very seriously, just as Asian parents do.

There is no school like ours, where the students’ parents are taught together with their children and perform at the recitals four times a year. We believe that parents’ soulful, active participation in their children’s learning process creats a better bond among members of a family and teachers.