Children’s Choir



By participating in choir, students will learn to develop their own voices into wonderful musical instruments. Our students often sing during their instrumental music lessons. We hope that our group of student singers will grow into a true choir, making their music and language education even richer. With songs selected according to age group, students will have fun as they learn. We welcome new students and will hold lessons every weekend. Come join us!

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Russian Children’ Choir Trio School, where most of the teachers are representing the Russian music and language, our students sing a lot during instrumental music lessons and during lessons of the Russian language. We are happy to invite Russian speaking children of different ages to build a new singing community, which will sing as a vocal and instrumental ensemble in the beginning, then, when it grows, as a choir. Those students, who have already learned how to play instruments, will accompany their own singing and the singing of their peers.
The repertoire will be based on the most popular songs from Russian cartoons and films for 4-11 year-old children, who will be grouped according to their ages. For older children (age 12-15), along with songs for children, we will offer songs of the Russian bards.
Our class meetings will happen weekly, on weekend.
Our door is always open for you! Welcome!

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