I am tackling Rachmaninoff’s prelude, which I have never had the courage to try before

Nate Picture


I have been taking piano and Russian language lessons at Trio School from Larysa Yost for the past several months. I originally started off just doing language lessons but Larysa’s love of teaching piano has eventually won me over, and I started taking piano lessons. I played for many years when I was a kid, but I hadn’t taken piano lessons in over 10 years.

I was surprised to find out that Larysa was able to correct many fundamental mistakes I was making in my playing, and I am surely better off for now! Currently I am tackling Rachmaninoff’s most famous prelude in c-sharp minor, which I have never had the courage to try before.

Nathanial Doromal


Larysa Yost is undoubtedly one of the best piano instructors in the bay area.

Swathi very good


I have been taking piano lessons at Trio from Larysa for the past four months,she is undoubtedly one of the best piano instructors in the bay area.As a beginner i was skeptic if i could ever play some good tunes,but just after couple of months i am at ease to play the basic tunes.One good thing about Trio, is they loan you the beginner keyboards for the first two to three weeks till you get some basic knowledge on play the keys, which actually helped me get some confidence before i bought my own.

Swathi Duvvuri


Teacher who understands the short attention span of a 3 and half year old.



Teacher who understands the short attention span of a 3 and half year old. She switches up the lesson from Piano to using bells. She uses the Do Re Mi style and has them sing along while playing. This requires one adult / one child training. Because of short attention span, sometimes the child will only get 15 minutes of instruction and it is up to the parent to fill in the rest at home from what was learned in the previous lesson. She emphasizes to not push and keep it fun for the child. She also states that the success of the training relies on the parent working with the child at home doing the “homework”.

Owen Buckvar


Larysa’s calmness and encouragement help kids to believe that they can play piano

Prachi and Tejas


My son (5 yrs old) loves music and likes to play all musical instruments. But one of his earlier music teacher suggested for a formal training in Piano which will provide him with stronger base and understanding of rhythm and melody. So, we started with Larysa Yost in Trio School since last Sept.

Larysa is a very good piano teacher. She has lots of patience to deal with younger kids and great ability to ensure that the kid stays focused and at the same time does not feel left out or over pressured. Her calmness, soft-spokenness and encouragements help kids to believe that they can play this instrument / piece of music. Actually, this has even helped me in being more patient with my son.

The class is of 45 minutes duration of which half an hour is for the child and balance 15 minutes is for adult learning. Larysa also allows recording videos of piano lessons which helps in better practice at home.

My son can play most of the nursery rhymes with accompaniment. He has participated in 2 recitals and is very excited to be in the 3 rd one.

Prachi Sumit Babu


I know that there’s nothing like persistence, the steadfast commitment to an objective, day in and day out, even when it’s painful or boring



We have been with the Trio School for two months and given Larysa a tall order, to teach two very young children to play the piano. Sure, they can’t play much yet, but I am impressed for several reasons.

One, she recognizes that she can’t do this herself, i.e. much is expected of the parents (who learn simultaneously). This isn’t meant to defer responsibility but rather be realistic, i.e. learning anything in life requires more than just one lesson a week. And children need parental support. So teaching us supplements teaching them, a reinforcement at home.

Second, she has all sorts of ways to teach, keeping it interesting, fun, and engaging for even the youngest of children (bells, coloring, letters, etc. all aimed at learning the piano). Their attention span isn’t long so these tricks keep them asking for more.

Third, she is firm but warm. No wishy-washy, let’s let the children rule the roost. No, when we’re at our lesson, it’s time to learn. Everybody is on the same page. Keeping two youngsters on track is no easy task. So she has even invited Grandma to join us; Grandma takes care of one kiddo while Larysa and I focus on teaching Parent and (other) kiddo. And it works.

Fourth, we’re already talking about performances. As a beginner, undersigned may not feel ready, but I get where this going. You’ll never feel “ready” and there’s got to be a first, so go get ’em. Children then follow the parents.

Fifth, my own experiences in other areas of life show that there’s nothing like persistence, the steadfast commitment to an objective, day in and day out, even when it’s painful, boring, or otherwise not super fun. Call it sports, math, reading, whatever, that’s how one learns something and learns it well. And when kids learn this fundamental skill in life, they learn self-esteem and apply it elsewhere. By her comments and her website and her approach, Larysa clearly demonstrates this understanding.

I feel like I found a teacher with whom I am on the same page. We’ll be around for a while. Thank you, Larysa.

Sam Smith


The classroom is filled with paintings by various artists, and the ambiance is enhanced for learning music

Candria with Mom


My daughter started to take piano lessons at Trio School 3 months ago, and Larysa Yost challenged my child in every class, according to her ability. She encouraged us, parents, to get involved in learning, recording lessons and coaching our daughter at home. The kids get complete attention in Larysa’s class. There are two grand pianos in the classroom. Pretty often, during the lessons my daughter and Larysa play simultaneously on two pianos. Larysa observes and encourages correct form, speed, vocals, and posture as well. She is disciplined, firm, consistent and persistent in her teaching, yet soft and jovial with kids.

The classroom is filled with paintings by various artists, and the ambiance is enhanced for learning music. For the beginners, Larysa shares her keyboards, which she lets to use at home for a month, until the parents decide to purchase a digital piano. She encourages both kids and parents in learning music and provides help and resources to learn. She expects the kid to come prepared for each class and evaluates the progress at the beginning of each class. She gives the students and parents enough opportunity to ask questions and clarify any doubts.

Joseph Vinod D’Souza


Larysa’s methods are very effective. I am confident, my daughter will learn to play the piano really well

Chelsy and Jackie


I have to say, I have been very impressed with my daughter’s teacher, Larysa Yost. When we first met with her, I didn’t think my daughter would want to take lessons with her, as she seemed strict and determined in reaching the goals she sets up. My daughter, however, decided to give it a try. After just two months, Larysa has managed to teach my daughter to play the piano with both her hands. (At the community center, where my daughter tried to learn piano long time ago, she was only taught how to use one hand at a time). Larysa has also managed to have my daughter sing along while playing the piano. This is very positive and encouraging, as my daughter is very shy. Her other teachers have not been very successful in this realm. So, I am very happy so far with Larysa. She is straightforward and frank, and her methods are very effective. I am confident, my daughter will learn to play the piano really well, as long as we continue with Larysa. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to play the piano. And you don’t worry if you think you are getting too old; Larysa will bring you up to par.

Jackie Taniguchi


Now I know the basics as well and can help my son as he progresses through his piano journey

Govind and Nikhil


Teaching a 7 year old boy piano is a difficult job. They tend to have short attention spans and “structured learning” isn’t quite their thing. But Larysa has proved to be a great teacher: she is firm and helps keep the focus on learning, while also trying to keep the kids from getting bored.

It is also great that she involves the parents. Without the parent knowing some basic concepts, it would be hard to help the kid practice at home. I feel like we go two classes for the price of one, because now I know the basics as well and can help my son as he progresses through his piano journey.

Govind Kudva


For two and a half months, my son has memorized four beautiful pieces at the 7th Certificate of Merit level



My 12 years old son has been taking piano lessons for 6 years, he transferred to Trio school two and half months ago. In a short amount of time, he’s improved a great deal in playing pieces more musically. Larysa taught him how to play better legato by not shaking his hand. She also encourages him to play more difficult pieces and practice longer time. For a short amount of time, my son is able to memorize 4 beautiful pieces at the 7th CM grade level. She also encourages him to skip a level in taking the CM exam. Larysa has a passion for music and it shows through her teaching. She has high standards and expects the students to work hard to achieve greater goals. She’s a great teacher.

Anne Chan


Larysa Yost’s lessons are unconventional, and there is no fixed format, which works well for us

Kavita Sanay


I came into the Trio school of music through a school friend’s recommendation and the unique Parent and Me concept of learning piano. By the time we enrolled my son was 6, we didn’t use that format, though Larysa spent lots of time explaining things to me, so I could carry the music lessons at home. She also encouraged recording the lessons. I’ve seen Sanay’s attention span increase over the 3 months that he’s been learning. He now asks to practice at home of his own accord, though we’re still working on independent practice 🙂 But piano is on his mind on a daily basis, and he’s been playing increasingly difficult pieces. Larysa was good at assessing him, and after a couple classes got a sense of his learning style. She spoke to his motivation and got him little rewards at the end of good lessons. He couldn’t wait for lesson day. She also pushes him to learn complex things, and re-adjusts if he can’t cope at that point. Her lessons are unconventional, and there is no fixed format, which works well for us. Early on, we used bells, sometimes there are magnet boards and flash cards, and her own pick of tunes to play. In short, she keeps it interesting. Larysa has high standards of her students, and ensures firm discipline, with soft words. My son has taken well to her teaching style, and we’ll continue learning with her.

Kavita Jiandani


My daughter and I love our “Mom and Me” piano class!



My 4 year old daughter has been learning piano at Trio school for the last 3 months. We are in the Mom and Me piano class. My daughter spends 1/2 hour on the piano and I spend 10-15 mins. I can now play with both hands and my daughter is starting to play with both hands too. My daughter has also started to read music. Larysa has regular recitals (every 3-4 months) which are a great motivation for working towards something. My daughter took part in a recital in December where she played ‘Jingle bells’ and it gave a tremendous boost to her confidence. Larysa has good teaching skills and a lot of patience to deal with young kids. She tries different methods of getting through to them and uses bells, toy key boards and even an occasional toy. We both enjoy our lessons!



Larysa Yost gives ample time to discuss the fundamentals of music with me and to lead me



By profession, I am a scientist in a high-tech company in Silicon Valley. Since childhood, I have always been fond of singing. In the college days, I sang on a couple of occasions with a live band.  Recently, my college friends and I have formed a band to perform in the Bay Area.  With only four people in the band, everyone needs to contribute some music making besides singing. Previously it never worked out for us to learn some instruments. Finally, I have got the pportunity to learn some musical instrument, thus I enrolled in piano lessons at Trio School. In the initial days, Larysa Yost gave ample time to discuss the fundamentals of music with me and lead me. In the last five months, I was able to learn the most important features of piano music: the notation, time signatures, the order of sharps and flats, hands position and posture, chords of major and minor with inversions, which allow to switch from one chord to another smoothly. I can play several pieces with both hands. I know what it means to play fake songs (It is when I do not need to read the left hand notes but can accompany the right hand by reading chord symbols). I can sing and accompany my singing of several songs, and I’m hoping to get prepared for playing the songs which I perform with my band. Also, I got the opportunity to perform Christmas carols at the recital. It was a nice experience to share the dais with my fellow musicians. In one word, I am very satisfied with my piano learning.

Abhijit Sil


How My Two Children Learn Russian



My two children, a 10-year-old son and an 8-old daughter, enrolled in the lessons of the Russian language at Trio School in September 2014, after they had visited Ukraine, and we, adults, realized that it is a must that our children understand the language we speak at home. Larysa Yost, who’s been teaching them, has bachelor degrees in both Russian and piano, and she skillfully adds music– in particular singing of the Russian songs– to the lessons of Russian. Before we had come to this school, we had been aware that there are many teachers of Russian in the Bay area, but most of them prefer to teach fluent speakers of Russian. In December 2013 my children and I participated in the lesson of Russian, during which Larysa was teaching a Spanish speaking girl and a Russian speaking boy, and we were impressed, as those children had mastered good pronunciation, and they understood the material well. My children had never attempted to speak Russian before they had come to Larysa’s class. What is interesting about Larysa’s method is that she teaches very beginners how to read and translate right away, at the lesson number one, and she adds singing as a helpful tool for mastering pronunciation wherever it’s possible. I would say that she polishes the speech in a way she polishes the music her piano students play: My children repeat words, parts of words and sentences and work on intonation. The children were very reluctant to enrolling in this class as they didn’t believe they would really be able to learn the language. Besides that, they have plenty of afterschool activities taking their time and energy. Still, they’ve started to read, translate, recite rhymes, find answers to the questions in the texts, and sing Russian songs in Russian and English (“The Snowflurries”) and American songs translated into Russian (“Jingle bells”) to perform together with students-musicians at the recitals. The daughter, who is younger than the son, makes a better progress, but Larysa believes that girls in general are more capable of learning languages. During her lessons, Larysa tries to interact with the children in Russian, checking every time if her words are understood or not. Sometimes, the children understand only a part of a sentence, and then Larysa helps them find needed words in English. I can tell that my children have started to understand the language we use at home much better. We, adults, are firm in our decision to get better bonded to our children thanks to the language they will continue to learn. We are glad that not only the children but also we ourselves are welcome to participate in the recitals, which is another path to

the hearts of our kids!

Pavel Gutsa


I’ve seen a tremendous improvement in the technique, dynamics and emotions my children express when playing a certain music piece.



My chlidren joined Trio school less than a year ago after their piano teacher of 11 years moved out of state. It was a big adjustment for them because of the different style of teaching and music pieces that they would have to learn. But Larysa made sure that they reached their full potential. I’ve seen a tremendous improvement with their techniques, dynamics and emotions when playing a certain music piece. I did not expect that big amount of improvement with that short amount of time that even other family members and friends are noticing it. Both my children are currently preparing to take their certification test in March which a year ago did not even cross my mind that they can be at that level. Larysa is a great teacher teaching her students not just the “How to” play the piano but the importance of music in our lives as one way to express our feelings and emotions. She also emphasizes the importance of constant practice , discipline and commitment that can lead to success.

Rosalie Felix



My son’s attention span has increased, and he understands that it’s important to polish every little passage



My 4.5 year old son has learned the piano at Trio School for two months. We enrolled in Mom and Me piano lessons. In this 45 min class, 30-35 min is given to the kid and 10-15 min is given to the parent, so he/she can help the kid and be the home teacher. After two months, I have learned how to play with both hands and my son has learned several songs and starts to play with both hands, too. Larysa has good skills and a lot of patience to deal with young kids. She is always warm and encouraging. She teaches us how to play melodies on tuned colorful metal bells, which adds more fun to our learning. She picks the right songs for my son and he likes to sing them again and again. Larysa’s passion makes the music be a kind of magic to the kids. I noticed that my son’s attention span has increased and he started to understand that it’s important to polish every little passage. We also use metronome when learning new piece. It is a very good starting point. Both my son and I enjoy the piano/music learning here.

Xiaohan Chen


Everybody has to learn how to appreciate serious music and how to make music at some level.



About three months ago, I brought my 4 year-old son to Trio school to study piano with Larysa Yost. Teaching small kids is something common for Larysa, as she admits even three-year-olds, accompanied by one parent. I am a father, who always regretted about not being exposed to music. It is my strong belief that everybody has to learn how to appreciate serious music and how to make music at some level. I can tell you that it is not an easy task for me to find time for practicing, for being a home music teacher for my son, but that doesn’t stop me from desiring to help my child. That is why, from the lesson one, we both try to make real music, playing simple Russian and not only Russian songs in a slow tempo, using a metronome to control our tempo and rhythm. With Larysa’s kind, creative and firm approach, the son slowly develops from a toddler to a student, who needs to follow directions without any objections and to earn rewards by working his hardest. We started by playing on tuned metal bells, drums and rhythm sticks and the colorful stickers on the keys; now we feel comfortable playing on the baby grand piano. Here are two baby grand pianos in class, which is unique and extremely helpful in a learning process. At Trio School, students have recitals every three months, and the preparation for them makes children feel the responsibility for doing good for their audiences. Parents participate in the recitals playing along with children, and on Christmas I am going to also play and to make my family proud of me and my older son. I am sure that, in case such classes for a small child and a parent were available when I was a child, I would succeed in them. Lucky are those children and parents who have this wonderful chance nowadays at Trio School. By the way, Larysa doesn’t only teach small children. I’ve met teens and adults in her class, and I can see they all love this school.

Dov Lantsman


Music can change people’s minds and hearts



Larysa is one of the most attentive and most encouraging piano teachers I have ever witnessed. She is a treasure among music teachers and if they are lucky enough to be accepted as her student, your child will have a true grounding not only in the simple mechanics of performing, but in the joy and the soul of musical expression.

Her techniques for everything she teaches has a solid pedagogical base, of course. But beyond that she is able to inspire your child to step up to the challenge of performance, not as a contest but as a chance to show the world how music can change people’s minds and hearts. And when a chlld learns to communicate joy, it is a reward to both teacher and parent. And as Laysa helps your child excel in music,that excellence will carry over into other fields of study., interestingly enough into Mathematics! Her attentiveness to each student is simply amazing, and the way her students respond is a joy to behold.

Dan Duncan


Parents learn together with a child. This strategy works well and helps in a better family time at home



Our 4-year-old son has been attending the Trio school music and learning piano from Ms. Larysa for a couple of months now and we are very happy with the way he is learning and picking up the lessons. The instructor Ms. Larysa encourages parents to learn along with the child, so that the parents can help and practice the right way at home, and this strategy really works well and also helping in a better family time at home. The instructor also encourages us to shoot videos of the lessons that will serve as reference to us at home while we are practicing.

Our son, Ridhiman (aka Lucky) is able to follow the provided instructions and practice at home. In June 2014, he performed in a school recital at a senior living facility, which was appreciated by one and all.

The school, the instructor, the technique of teaching are all working fine for my son, and I would recommend this school for anyone who is serious about learning piano.

Ms. Larysa also gave us piano and bells to practice and encouraged us to buy our own 88 weighted key digital piano by telling us the pros and cons of buying any ordinary keyboard. We hope to continue to enjoy learning music.

Rakesh and Sirisha Patwari

Making music starts at the first lesson

I have been taking piano lessons from Larysa Yost at the Trio School for half a year. I had no exposure to music neither musical instruments nor music theory prior to this. Larysa has been very effective in teaching a complete novice like me. Her approach was to make me play on the piano from the first class. We started with “Jingle Bells’ and within a few classes moved on to several other pieces. The theory was taught along with the pieces, with the emphasis on practicing on the piano with proper technique. Larysa constantly challenges you with complex pieces and at the same time helps you to master it. In retrospect I can see that the method is very effective. Even though I thought I would be overwhelmed, in a couple of classes I understood that it is not that hard and I felt my skills improving with practice. I got a keyboard on loan from her for the first few months, so I could practice at home until I got my own. I always wanted to study music and I joined the Trio School in a spur of a moment decision, after meeting Larysa at the Sunnyvale public library. But it has been a very pleasant experience for me. I have seen quite a few adult students in the school though the majorities are children. So if you are thinking about learning music, I would urge you to take a few lessons, and chances are you will get hooked, like I did. And there are recitals every three months, which gives you a chance to perform in public. I am extremely pleased with Trio school and Larysa and would highly recommend her to any aspiring music student.

Shijin Abraham

Students are ready to learn most challenging pieces to perform



My children have been attending Trio School to study piano with Larysa Yost for five months. Before, I’ve enrolled them in a group piano class at the community center. After I’d observed the first lessons together with my lady friend, who had learned piano in her childhood and did not like the way of presenting the musicianship and actual piano playing to a big group of children of very different ages by the community center instructor, we both decided to try lessons at Trio School, where it is possible to enroll two children in 45-minute-long lessons and even get a sibling discount.

This way, my daughter of 6.5 y.o. and my son of 5 y.o. found themselves in the atmosphere of creativity in Larysa’s class, where all the students were getting prepared to perform at Christmas Recital. I couldn’t believe that my children would also participate in it after taking only four lessons. But they did, and I need to tell that not only the children, but also my husband and I took part in the recital, singing songs in English and French as well as a charming “The Rainbow Connection” song being members of an ensemble of children and adults! Such things have happened because Larysa strongly believes in intensive education and in her students’ ability to stretch up and learn most challenging pieces when they want to perform. She is always by their sides, pretty often playing with their hands and singing along with them for many, many times, until they get a correct sensation of the keys they touch and the melody or chords they play and sing. They already consider themselves as “little musicians”!

It is interesting that, unlike teachers at the community center, Larysa watches if the grouping is correct and if both children can study at the same pace. Thus, when she noticed that my son who is a year and a half younger than his sister, could not learn at the same pace the sister does, Larysa made a decision to teach the children separately. She’s been teaching the son first to let him relax after his 25 minutes. While the son is playing, the daughter is not only observing, but also actively participating in the learning process. This way, she can play not only the pieces assigned to her personally, but also those assigned to her brother. Sometimes, she’s asked to accompany her brother, and this way they are going to perform at the next recital.

Larysa Yost is a very passionate teacher, and she has a great ability to pass it on her students!

In Larysa’s classes, the parent participation isn’t only allowed but also required. Parents use video cameras to record every segment of a lesson and sometimes ask Larysa to play repeatedly one or another, so that the parents learn how to couch the children at home.

My children have learned so much, and they’ve participated in three recitals, one of which happened at Cupertino Community Center’s great concert hall, and the rest two at a senior living facility, Sunnyside Gardens, where the residents received our children with gratitude and joy. My daughter and son loved to perform there and to talk with grandmas and grandpas, and they have been learning new, very challenging but well-known pieces to participate in the next recital. I’ve been learning together with them, which make me better bonded to my kids and happy!

Malika Salik ( mom of 2)

How my two children have taken a Russian Language with Music class


This review is about how my two children have taken a Russian Language with Music class at Trio School. Our family has lived in the US for a number of ears. My husband and I always wanted to save our mother tongue as the main language we speak at home. Unfortunately, step by step, we would drift away from Russian, while still strongly desiring to have our children be and sound Russian. Our son is 11 y.o., and our daughter is 7 y.o. Recently, we have started to teach them both the alphabet, which they’ve learned. Our son even started to read syllables. But we were unable to get them interested in going farther than the letters and primary syllables. The son didn’t want to use children’s textbooks for beginners, and we bought a course for teaching Russian to nonnative speakers. But he was totally against of studying the language. This way, we found ourselves at Trio School in Sunnyvale, where Larysa Yost offers the Russian language course together with some exposure to music. Although we’ve been impressed by a video, in which a seven-year-old boy, Nikolas, who is enrolled in Russian and Piano lessons, was reading in Russian and retelling a story, we stayed reserved and only wanted to have Russian presented at our children’s lessons ( each of them was enrolled in a weekly 45-minute lesson). Larysa didn’t mind it, but on the day, when our son said firmly that he had not worked on his homework because he had no desire to deal with any Russian, Larysa changed her strategy, based on reading, retelling and memorizing short stories for elementary school children, and started to read with him a song by Vysotskiy. Anton felt the strength and the beauty of a manly “Song about a Friend”, and he started to sing it at home after watching a film “The Vertical”. Now he is open to us singing as a family, to analyzing the texts, some of which are Russian songs, and to learning Grammar of Russian. Our children have just left for Russia, where they’ll spend this summer. They’ll continue to study Russian and maybe music there. I am very satisfied with this educational adventure.

Anna Babayeva

Larysa supports the learning of real musical pieces. No “rigid study” plan



I am a father of 8 years old girl, who greatly benefited from 1.5 years of Larisa Yost’s piano lessons. Larysa is very professional in teaching music. Her skills are great. And on top of it, she has a great passion for music, which she shares with kids. Her method of teaching is excellent, because, instead of doing boring routines, Larysa supports the learning of real musical pieces, which is very motivational for students (and their parents! :)). And if your child wants to learn some popular (adapted for her level) song, Larysa is always ready to help! So, no “rigid study plan”. Our daughter is progressing well, which was noticed not only by us, but by our friends, who mentioned that for parent who does not play music, our daughter’s progress is spectacular! In addition to music, Larysa is educating kids by providing background on composers and particular songs. And important to add, Larysa was flexible on schedule to accommodate it to some emergencies we had during last 1.5 years. Larysa is best teacher I have seen in San Jose area (and I have seen a few!)

Alex Dokoutchaev

The parent needs 10-15 minutes of a lesson time to try what’s been taught to a 4-year-old child

My four-year-old son has studied piano at Trio School for a year and three months. He knows how to play several chords to accompany the melodies, when he plays familiar to him from preschool songs. He can play with both hands. At Trio School, the youngest children ( 3 y.o. -5 y.o.) are enrolled in 45-min lessons, and Larysa Yost, who teaches piano to them, also teachers parents. The parent needs 10-15 minutes of a lesson time to try what’s been taught to a child, to ask questions and to learn some theory in order to arm herself with the understanding of music rules, which do not look those in engineering. Larysa has very good time management skills. He likes to solfege the melodies, to sing the lyrics, to play notation games. He also likes rhythm exercises. Larysa’s attitude to my son is warm, encouraging, and it’s clear that she enjoys their interaction a lot. I am very happy to see how my son’s ability to focus develops. Trio School has a pretty generous make up Policy (students are allowed to reschedule two lessons during a period of three months). Larysa pretty often bends the Policy if a child is sick. I have even rescheduled two lessons when I was sick myself. I’m looking forward to having my son play more and more challenging pieces by the best composers.

Ramya Nadupalli

Larysa constantly challenges you with complex pieces and at the same time helps you to master them

I have been taking piano lessons from Larysa Yost at the Trio School for half a year. I had no exposure to music neither musical instruments nor music theory prior to this. Larysa has been very effective in teaching a complete novice like me. Her approach was to make me play on the piano from the first class. We started with “Jingle Bells’ and within a few classes moved on to several other pieces. The theory was taught along with the pieces with the emphasis on practicing on the piano with proper technique. Larysa constantly challenges you with complex pieces and at the same time helps you to master it. In retrospect I can see that the method is very effective. Even though I thought I would be overwhelmed, in a couple of classes I understood that it is not that hard and I felt my skills improving with practice. I got a keyboard on loan from her for the first few months, so I could practice at home until I got my own. I always wanted to study music and I joined the Trio School in a spur of a moment decision, after meeting Larysa at the Sunnyvale public library. But it has been a very pleasant experience for me. I have seen quite a few adult students in the school though the majority are children. So if you are thinking about learning music, I would urge you to take a few lessons and chances are you will get hooked, like I did. And there are recitals every three months, which gives you a chance to perform in public. I am extremely pleased with Trio school and Larysa and would highly recommend her to any aspiring music student.

Sihijin Abraham

Our teacher changes her tactics based on the progress and situations to reach the goal set ahead



I love this school. We are new to it, but my son is going through a transformation. While it’s a slow one, it’s a positive change nevertheless :). I know it’s tough for working parents to spend time with kids outside of their school related activities (which includes driving time and so on), however if it’s possible to allocate time and resources, I truly believe that given the consistency in our kid’s lessons they become in habit of learning and LIKING to learn and LIKING to acquire new skills. I am hopeful this will be the case 🙂 with Nikolas in the future. Larysa is great, she puts in lots of effort, patience and experience into the process of educating Nikolas playing Piano and Russian language. She looks at the child as a whole and works with him/her by analyzing the process and progress. She changes her tactics based on the progress and situations to reach the goal set ahead. Thank you!

Zara Gourji

Our piano teacher is strict in building a solid foundation for students, yet flexible in adjusting her teaching style



Larysa is a very experienced teacher with great passion for music and teaching. She is strict in building a solid foundation for students yet flexible in adjusting her teaching style according to each student’s own learning pattern and personalities. She Souhila Benmayouf. She allows and invites parents to get involved. My son has been with her for just a couple of months and he has already participated in a couple of recitals. He feels pretty good about one of them in particular, as he performed for elderly people and put a smile on their faces! I highly recommend Larysa to any kids who are serious about music.

Souhila Benmayouf

Challenging the student beyond his comfort zone

At the time of writing this review, I’ve been learning from Larysa  Yost for 4 months. As a 24 year-old man with very little prior experience with music, I did not quite have the mouldable mind that Larysa is used to deal with, as she teaches lots of children. That is why, I had some doubts before my first lesson, but I signed up immediately after getting it.

Larysa is very different from other teachers, and I’ve never gone back for a second lesson with any of the teachers I’ve got a trial lesson with. She is candid, very blunt and honest. She is also different from the others because she doesn’t follow any one particular method book. Instead, depending on the capability of the student, she picks different pieces from a variety of sources, which challenge the student beyond his existing comfort zone. Teaching one piece takes a while, but in the process the student grows quite significantly. In my case, she gave me Schubert’s Ave Maria a month after I had started to learn from her. It took about 3-4 hours of teaching over about 2 months before I was able to play the whole song. In that process, however, pieces that used to seem difficult to me to play had become much easier to understand. Additionally, she has repeatedly emphasized not just technical correctness of playing, but also the artistic aspects of it. During this time, along with the one difficult piece, she had me work on easier pieces to improve my confidence, as well as to build my repertoire. I’m glad to have her as my teacher, and would gladly recommend her to anyone I know.

Meher Anand Hasam

Instilling  respect towards composers and music



Before taking private piano lessons at Trio School, my son was enrolled at piano classes at a community center. Even though he spent nearly a year or so at the community center, we felt that his progress was limited due to the fact that the group lessons setting allowed the teacher to only spend 5-6 minutes per child per session. So while we were paying $20 / 45 min session at the community center, my son was effectively only getting 5-6 minutes of lesson time! Trio School is a nonprofit organization and its staff uses the Sunnyvale Library plaza to advertise their service, and this is where we met the teacher, Larysa Yost. After speaking with her, we quickly decided to enroll our son to Trio School. This was seven months ago. During this time, in addition to teaching various piano compositions, Larysa emphasized the need of reading music, correct posture while playing, and learning the right pressure to put on the piano keys without hammering and forcing the sound. Most importantly, she cultivated a sense of responsibility of practicing at home and preparations for recitals that Trio School holds every three months at the Cupertino Community Center and at different Senior Living facilities, where young musicians bring joy to old people. Larysa is passionately devoted to instilling in her students a sense of respect for world- famous composers and their music. She is a fantastic piano teacher and has a great depth of knowledge of music. She is kind but firm with her students and genuinely interested in instilling the love of music in her students. Under Larysa’s tutelage my son’s piano playing skill has audibly improved in these short seven months. She fully supports us video recording the sessions for practicing at home. When we needed it, she also helped us with make-up classes, as well as letting us borrow her piano. If you are looking for a great piano teacher, then look no further! Highly recommended.


Larysa Yost is not only educated in music but is also an early childhood educator

Pranav Durga +


My son has been learning piano from Trio school of music for over 8 months, and he started when he was about 3 1/2 years old. Ms.Larysa is not only educated in music but is also an early childhood educator, and she knows how to teach little ones. She is very open, generous and honest and would teach according to the child’s learning abilities. She rented her keyboard and bells free of charge for more than a month and helped us in buying a digital piano. Ms.Larysa encouraged me and allowed me to video record all the lessons that were being taught to my son. Sometimes she would teach me , as it would be helpful for coaching my son at home.  In that way,  I got to learn piano which I am very much interested in. My son likes performing at the recitals, which are held every three months, and the best part is that he loves going to Ms.Larysa’s at any time.

Durga B

What I find most appealing is  Larysa’s powerful and effective teaching style

I’ve been Larysa Yost’s student since 2006, when I was 29 years of age. In my childhood, I had learnt the violin for 10 years and had developed very good ear for music. I was greatly interested in learning the piano and spent weeks researching for the best teacher on Craigslist and many other places. After having met many, some from Julliard and some of my friends’ own teachers, I found Larysa to be the right choice. A sincere and dedicated teacher, she was professional, warm and friendly from our every first interaction and knew how to work with me at my own pace from the get-go. I saw immediately that she was not only excellent at teaching, but she was also the right GUIDE for someone like me. What I find most appealing, even to this day, is her powerful and effective teaching style. She believes in hands-on teaching and gets students to play the piano right away with the pieces they’d enjoy the most – no wasting time on redundant theory and verbal lessons. In my case, she knew how to keep me going with the right choice of pieces. I got started on playing full songs within just 4-5 hours of working with her (NOTE: I had never played the piano before!). I made remarkable progress quickly and found a natural rhythm in learning. I applaud Larysa for her sense of quickly assessing students’ ability to learn and for guiding them to do exceptionally well.What I really like about Larysa is that she is committed 110% i.e. every interaction with her proved to me that she went above and beyond the call of duty to make the learning experience exhilarating. You know, sometimes, one just gets lost when trying to find one’s individuality in music. If I wasn’t ready or prepared, or had not practiced a particular piece, Larysa would still patiently work with me and would even teach me brand new pieces to help me get ‘over the bump’ in my learning path. Larysa is amazing in that way: she demonstrates that learning new things sometimes just unclutters the mind and releases creative energy. She decided to teach me Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata within a year of my study and made me believe, every step of the way, that I could make it. She always pushed me to do better, even with extremely difficult pieces by Rachmaninoff and Bach or with two-part (polyphonic) pieces by Handel. Those pieces, which were complicated in the beginning, have become my favorite ones.During lessons, I never feel like I am being instructed or tutored. Instead, Larysa treats me in a way she would treat a family member, and we share a great connection. We get the feeling of discovering great music together, given our mutual admiration for it. No matter how many times Larysa plays it herself or teaches it to her students, she distinguishes herself in the way she approaches each piece of music. Through her brilliance in teaching, she helped me realize that playing the piano is not about having quick fingers or knowing fancy pieces, but about expressing oneself creatively – through pictures, stories and art. I now cherish the aspect of ‘living in the moment’ while playing: this, in itself, has made every effort worthwhile and precious. I now play pieces that my pianist friends consider very difficult, and I do so pretty well.Larysa needed to travel outside the US for many months and, though she counseled me to find another teacher, I didn’t find anyone who could work with me in the same manner and could share my deepest love for music. It was clear to me that such a bond between a teacher and student is unique and special and not easily replaceable. I was elated when she returned and welcomed me back to resume my music lessons. Though I had stopped learning music for a considerable amount of time when she was away, I could still easily play my favorite Russian songs and popular ancient waltzes by heart; she had given me the gift to enjoy the beauty of music in its truest form. Now that Larysa is back, I’m beginning to resume my lessons with her. If you have ever thought about the beauty of playing the piano and are looking for somebody to help you find and realize that passion, look no further! With more than 40 years of experience in teaching and with the most appealing way to make it worth your every while, Larysa is truly one of a kind and the best.

Mukund Sundaram

Larysa teaches both a child and a family member

My son has been taking piano lessons from Larysa for over a month. I like her style of teaching, where she teaches both a child and a family member, who can be a  teacher at home. She is very patient and ensures that her instructions get communicated well to child. Also, in beginning she also gave us a piano without any fees to use for more than a month, so that we didn’t have to buy anything upfront. Another most important thing I like is timely performances held in places where kids play in front of other children and old age homes’ residents, which builds confidence in them. I would recommend her to anyone.

Amit Kashyap

Parents are encouraged to participate in classes and do video recording



Larysa is a passionate piano teacher. She tries what best works for a child and sticks to that method. We are very impressed with her. She lets the parents participate in lessons and record the class sessions, which is a good way of refreshing what the child has learned in class.

Bharathy V

I never found a teacher like Larysa, who could make you cross your boundaries without making you feel conscious of it



I consider it a fortunate discovery. I was looking for a place that would help me initiate my two year old daughter on Music. I have a profound respect for music and its effect on our emotions. And I wanted my daughter to start early in life and get exposed to the art of music to such a degree that it may trigger the genius in her. (I believe appreciation of music is quite necessary to bring forward one’s natural strengths and build the ability to express oneself articulately.) Even the Neuroscientists have accepted to a certain degree that Music can stimulate human brain in such a way that it can trigger what is commonly known as the “Flow”, which is found to be that essential component associated with Genius. So with this knowledge, I set out on the search of a school or more particularly an instructor who could inspire and invoke the passion in my daughter (and quite frankly in me too) to master the art of music. I found this website of trio-school and coincidentally met with Larysa the same day outside the Sunnyvale Public Library. I agreed to meet her (without letting her know that when I do meet her I would be fully equipped with my skepticism) and that there was no way I would let anyone influence my opinion by a glib talk. When I did meet Larysa at her school, along with my wife and daughter, she didn’t ask me for my goals and ambitions and how I wanted my daughter to become a musician of the cadre of nothing less than Bach, Mozart or Tchaikovsky. What she did instead was sat on the bench, turned to her Piano and asked the three of us to repeat what she sang. And I must tell you, even though I pretended to be unimpressed by it, my skepticism had gone out the window (there are no windows, by the way, in her classroom, so please don’t be surprised, it was a figure of speech). I must warn you that Larysa is no business person so she won’t explain to you the terms of agreement with the patience of a Sales person trying to sell their product to you. She will ask you for the dues in a non-subtle and direct manner and she doesn’t believe that since you are paying for the class so you can define the rules. She is very straightforward person and doesn’t mince her words. And I respect that quality in her. I don’t want to set a wrong expectations here Larysa has devoted more time on the classes (mind you, not merely the time proportional to her fee, but rather much more than that) to help me overcome some of my challenges. So, even though it may appear that she is very particular about certain things, you can take my word she will give you a lot more than you would have expected. She is one of those teachers that I searched for all my young life when I wanted to pick up a talent. I never found a teacher like Larysa, who could make you cross your boundaries without making you feel conscious of it. And not to mention she is an even better teacher for your kids because she has an ocean of patience with kids and their tantrums. I am still learning and I am confident that if a person like me who has a below average hand-eye coordination and less than 2 hours a week to practice can learn to play “Syncopated” pieces just because of the way Larysa teaches, then kids and adults that are dedicated can learn much more from her. In fact I would urge everyone to go take the introductory lesson (it’s not free) but it is worth the dough you spend on it and definitely costs way less than your average family trip to P.F. Changs or Movie Theater. Good luck and hope this has helped you make up your mind.

Rishik Dhar

I was amazed at Ms.Larysa Yost’s depth of knowledge in music , interest and seriousness.

My son attended Trio school of music for piano at the age of 5. I was amazed at Ms.Larysa Yost’s depth of knowledge in music , interest and seriousness she put in to teach the little ones. She was very particular that kids should learn music at a very yound age and she put all sorts of efforts to keep them interested like playing the notes using bells, jumping on the keys of a musical mat, etc. My daughter, who was 2 at that time, was very impressed, and she too showed a lot of interest in learning music as she watched my son learn. Unfortunately we couldnt continue this year as Ms. Larysa moved to a different location, which is very far from us, and we really miss her lessons. I highly recommend her classes to students of different ages.

Sheeba George

Larysa’s passion to see her students grow and succeed makes her school a unique place for our child.

We had a deep desire to expose our child to music, especially the piano. As if in reply to that Larysa came into my child’s life. She is an amazing teacher – kind yet firm with children, aware of their capabilities and alwaysencouraging them to do better. Her skills as a piano teacher are exceptional but in addition to that, her passion to see her students grow, appreciate *great* music, and succeed makes her school a unique place for our child.As a result my daughter has responded well; she is excited about playing the piano, loves music, and looks forward to her lessons. We whole-heartedly recommend Larysa and her Trio school to other sincere parents who want their kids to learn music.

Aswath Mohan

Ever since Pranav and Prabha enrolled in piano class, our quality of life has gone up several notches.



How many times in life do you come across a teacher whose selfless pursuit for perfection and uninhibited passion for music influences an entire family to learn music? Don’t be deceived by this unassuming soft-spoken music teacher. Her furor for the instrument and art will inspire you to take on this art form. Under Larysa’s able tutorship my 3-year-old son played for a group of elderly people in Sunnyvale. This was Pranav’s first solo performance, and the credit for making this happen goes to Larysa’s unflinching pursuit for excellence and artistic mastery. Her single-minded resolve to ensure that her students learn music the right way clearly shines through in her day-to-day communications. The attention to the nuanced details (may it be musical notes, the posture or even the piano to buy) reinforces her devotion to this profession. We are proud and honored to be a part of this community of upcoming young musicians. Ever since Pranav and Prabha (Yes, my wife is now a student too) enrolled in Larysa’s class, our quality of life has gone up several notches. We spend a lot of time sitting around the piano and enjoying the art form. They say that music has no barriers; maybe I should enroll too… Thank you Larysa for taking Pranav under your wings.

Sethu Rahman

Larysa Yost put my daughter at ease at the very beginning

Ms. Yost is a great piano teacher and her passion for music reflects in her teaching. I am very happy I decided to send my daughter to Ms. Yost on the recommendation of a friend. Ms. Yost put my daughter at ease at the very beginning and made learning fun and easy by using bells and color coded keys. She is a very warm and friendly person.

Gradually, Friday afternoons was something my daughter eagerly looked forward to every week. I liked that Ms. Yost took extra effort to make sure parents participated and recorded the lessons and emailed us with video recordings. She spent time after class to review the lesson and did not charge extra fees for that. Using the recordings helped my daughter review and practice the lessons. I would definitely recommend Ms. Yost as a piano teacher.

Johanna Pushpam

Various opportunities for mutual help between families and the school

My daughter started to learn piano at Trio school in February 2012. I’ve been always actively present at her lessons. Although my main task is to record educational videos, which my daughter uses at home, I’ve been also learning a lot, and I consider myself a student, who’s been studying and is new to any music forms together with my child, who is enrolled in weekly 45-minute -long lessons. At Trio-School You Don’t Just Study Music but Feel It and Learn How to Internalize It! Every small nuance that you make will be permitted if it is musically correct and rest assured that it will be caught by Larysa Yost’s ever alert ear and eyes (I mean it) if it is not appropriate, be it keys not pressed with the right fingers or with the a wrong weight on the keys, or the character of the piece. You will not only be pressing keys mechanically to the metronome beats but rather make music with the right body language. It feels great when you see your child internalizing the music! If the music is about softness, it should come out that way. If the music is about Passion, your whole body reflects that music, and that will exude through the finger on the keys, at right time with right pressure on the keys. The Mantra is to do it right (except that it can be slow) from the beginning. My daughter and I are so fond of our lessons, that we sometimes invite my wife and son to observe those lessons, and they also feel happy. Larysa works hard and with passion herself and encourages the students to focus and overcome. Thanks to her 40 years of teaching experience, she understands when the student can be loaded with hard tasks and complete them with pride. Honestly, my wife and I couldn’t expect that the progress of our daughter would be made so fast. It is exciting to see her practice 90 minutes a day, everyday. There are various opportunities for mutual help between families and the school, which results in free valuable classes for the students. I started to earn extra lessons for my daughter soon after she had got enrolled in classes by working on the school website and the DVD, in which the students’ recitals demonstrate how those very young children grow as musicians. In the month of July, I earned three extra classes. It certainly feels well, as I can see how beneficial it is for my daughter to consult the teacher twice a week. I would strongly recommend this school and our teacher, Larysa Yost, to those who consider music education to be one of the best achievements one can make in life.

Ravi Shekhar

My Son Willingly Practices Every Day

Trio-School Testimonials“Larysa Yost is a brilliant music teacher with remarkable personality and charisma. She makes every music lesson an adventure, she immerses you and your child in a wonderful world of art and awakens this delightful feeling of creativity that many of us lose being too busy with the commitments and obligations of our everyday lives. She will bring up color associations to help you remember the keys and will tell you that you can play with two hands on your first or second lesson (and you will!). She is a truly inspiring and unique person. All that said, Larysa is not a teacher for everyone. If you want a low-profile, minimal parental involvement music lessons for your children, when you just bring them to the class and pick them up, you might want to find another teacher. With Larysa, you will be asked to get involved in lessons (and you might find yourself playing together with your child!), you will receive many e-mails (mostly with music pieces attached to them and needed explanations), you will be encouraged to make videos and participate in multiple recitals. The structure of the lessons and the style of communication will be changing, but this comes with the creativity. I have seen children making miraculous progress in her class and loving every minute of it. My son willingly practices every day (and remembering my own experience learning piano for several years, it is not quite usual and largely depends on the repertoire chosen by a teacher). I can also see how all the parental involvement might seem overwhelming – but I found that it is really worth it! All in all, I feel fortunate that we found Larysa and that my son has this exceptional opportunity to learn in a truly creative environment.”

Noymi Y.

One Can Study Piano and the Age of Three!

We met Larysa in front of sunnyvale library and it was such a transforming experience for us as a family. My son Ashwin was just 3 year old and was interested in music. Larysa decided to teach him despite his age. When we started the classes, my wife and Ashwin experienced a very friendly and family like relationship with Larysa. We used the songs as a great way to bond as a family. Larysa was generous to provide pianos, bells, and give additional classes as necessary. Larysa’s personal attention to various aspects of learning, age suitable modifications of her methods were very helpful.We have taken a break for the time being but are sure to go back in the near future.

Anand Vaidyanathan.

Overall Quality of Learning

“Larysa Yost has been a wonderful teacher for my 3 and a 1/2 year old son and myself. She teaches music for all ages but is unique for us, because we could not find a teacher who would teach small children. Her mom-and-me (or any parent) classes are a fantastic idea and it has helped me discover and enjoy piano music as an adult without any prior experience! Apart from the 45 min class, she communicates a lot over e-mail. So, its value for money, through and through. She emphasizes on overall quality of learning and not just in rote learning of the notes.

Anusha V

This Well-Rounded Approach to Music

“My three daughters have been learning guitar and piano at the Slavic School for over 6 months now. The teachers know how to adapt to each of my kids’ personalities. I’m very satisfied with their well-rounded approach to music. It’s more than just guitar or piano lessons, but it’s really about opening their minds to the whole world of music. In particular, they really enjoy the singing while they play their instruments.”

Christelle, Mother of 3 students

How the Russian Music School Found Us Away from Home

Trio-School of Music” I am a mother of two Russian children, a six-year-old daughter and a two- year-old son, and I believe that both of them will play piano well pretty soon.

In Russia, I studied accordion for five years. I’ve been blessed to get music education at a state music school, where the standards are high, but I always felt like something was missing. It was my playing popular songs and the ear-training done for the sake of performing without using sheet music. It’s well-known that the traditional European school of music, including the Russian school, is heavily focused on raising future professional musicians, not music lovers, the people who have a good taste for music and who feel like playing musical instruments and learning about composers and their pieces without planning to become professional musicians. I hoped to find a Russian teacher in U.S., who wouldn’t be rigid and only focused on teaching classical music by using method books, such as Alfred’s ones, as well as working hard on scales and etudes to develop the technique, but is rather open to teaching “the music for the Soul”, as Russians say. Although I wouldn’t mind my daughter’s taking exams for the Certificate of Merit, which the teachers of this school can lead her to, I want the girl to first of all love music, to feel comfortable working on music pieces, and to enjoy practicing. I want her to have a good bond with the teacher, and I am so happy that I have found this school (I just wish I found it earlier), that comes under different names but still is the Slavic school in Sunnyvale and Peninsula. At our lessons, where I am always present, together with my little son, who loves those lessons and most likely will enroll in his own soon, the teaching of piano is combined with teaching solfege, music theory, voice and sometimes even some elements of dance to the beginners in order to help them get into the depth of musical pieces. Our teacher leads her students and their parents to using their highest potential, and this is what our family greatly appreciates. We are really proud that the Russian music school found us away from home, and that here our children can learn at their individual pace, without unneeded pressure and fear. They love the teacher, and they feel that she loves them.

Our daughter has started with popular songs for the youngest children, playing them with both hands, as the harmonies she used were just letter names above the melody line. (If you know, such songs are called “fake”). After a couple of recitals, in which she has participated as soloist and a member of an ensemble, she started to read music in both treble and bass clefs, and now ( after seven months of study), she focuses on new pieces of classical music and also plays popular Russian and American songs for children. I believe this is a very wise way to bring an interested child to the stage, where she is ready to be challenged. If I had such experiences in my childhood, I would certainly become more proficient in music. I know that Russian and not only Russian parents, who also studied music in their childhood, will understand me and, hopefully, enroll their children in classes at Slavic school in Sunnyvale.>

Olga L, Medical Doctor

I Can Solfege any Piece My Son Plays!



My son started to take piano classes at School of Music, Dance and Languages in December 2010. From his first lesson, he and I knew that everything was going to be very serious. The first piece my son learned at his first lesson was a well-known “Gypsy”, which is sometimes published as “Two Guitars”. He played with both hands—the melody and harmonies– after one hour of learning! He did it because he loved it.I’ve become enrolled in his study very naturally, and I know each note my son plays. I can solfege/sing note names when he plays. Honestly, in the beginning, with the four-month baby daughter on my hands, I couldn’t believe I would be of help. I am!This is the way how teaching is provided at this school: The teachers, who teach piano and guitar, believe in the students’ high potential and challenge them by assigning serious pieces of classical and pop music pieces while working completely hands-on. One parent is present at the lessons to observe and to audio/video record them. It is really very helpful for students to have their lessons sound at home!All the students participate in the recitals, and the recitals are always videographed, and we make a collection of DVDs to share with our relatives and to see the progress of our children ourselves.I could never expect that in several months, my son would be able to perform for 30 minutes. He went farther: He started to practice harder in order to participate in the recitals as a member of a team/ensemble, and he feels that this is a greater responsibility than just learning for himself. As a regular child, who is sometimes more attracted to computer games than to polishing difficult passages on the piano, he needs to be encouraged and explained why it is so important to have music in his life, how music helps him develop the tolerance and persistence for his whole life while letting him enjoy the most beautiful pieces. If he isn’t up to the teacher’s expectations, a frank talk between them the two leads him to making good decisions and working harder. Definitely, our children are NOT over praised at this school, and they like it.I’m happy to tell you that, besides learning how to play, he learns a great deal of music theory and even harmony, and he is able to recognize and analyze chord progressions. He understands how to adapt a piece in order to make it more complex and interesting, or easier to play, and I believe this is the best achievement he could make at the age of seven. He’s been preparing to perform on stage with the pieces, which are in a program of the third grade of the Russian music school. They are complex but beautiful, and I hope that my son will stretch up to play them in a professional way!If you are looking for the school, where well-educated piano and guitar teachers work from their heart, I would advice you try this school in Sunnyvale downtown!Also, keep in mind that a new Dance Program is going to run here, and it’ll start with pre-ballet for 2-4 year-olds. I can’t wait until my daughter, who is not a baby anymore, will get enrolled!

Chitra, Computer science specialist

Our music teacher has made a difference in the children’s lives, creating a love for music, which they may enjoy their whole lives



I work with kindergarten children at a small private school, where our students have been enrolled in free music lessons since November 2011. They have been blessed by being exposed to hand bells and keyboards, as well as singing techniques.

During our Christmas Recital, they participated in singing serious music together with  the rest of the students of our school, because Larysa Yost, who has brought this gift of music to us, has been teaching them how to work as an ensemble and to pay attention. Our talented little singer, Ruth, was chosen to be one of the soloists of a big choir of 67

students. I am sure most of our children would not have had any musical training without Larysa’s teaching.

I immediately felt inspired myself and did my best to help our children practice. Some of them seem especially focused and eager to do well. It is amazing how much music making it is possible to teach even the youngest students, who happily participate.

The teacher, who has made a difference in the children’s lives, creating a love for music, which they may enjoy their whole lives, is CEO of School of Music, Dance and Languages, that operates both in Redwood City and Sunnyvale. I believe that she promotes her school well, working with some students as a volunteer while finding new students to enroll at her school who pay for tuition. There are several such students at our school taking private piano and guitar lessons. I am posting this text as a recommendation and hope that more residents of the Peninsula will know about Larysa Yost and her school.

Marilyn Hutcheon

West Bay Christian Academy

In 2009- 2010, Larysa Yost worked on establishing an affiliate of our School in Vancouver, British Columbia

” I believe that there is a significant opportunity to provide the children of recent Russian immigrants —skilled workers, temporary workers and refugees—with the lessons that are suited to the methods they are most comfortable with and in their native language. I like that at this Center a mixture of traditional and contemporary methods is used in order to accelerate the learning process. From my experience with Larysa Yost, I believe that she is an excellent teacher and an enterprising executive, who will bring the value to the lives to many Canadians.”

Ryan Langford, President of Resound School of Music. Surrey, British Columbia. 2009

In 2004-2005, Larysa Yost taught music at Whitney Young Child Development Center.

“Ms. Yost was hired in March 2004 as the music teacher, covering three pre-school sites, serving a total of nearly 300m hundred (300) children in San Francisco.

The agency had been without a music teacher for more than a year, while we searched for a person who posited the skills and patience necessary to teach young children-most from disadvantaged families and unfamiliar with classical children’s music for keyboard, guitar, singing and the classical music of great masters.

Upon being hired, Ms. Yost assured me that she would have children ready to perform within two months, and, true to her word, she put together a choir of about one hundred fifty (150) children to perform in their first recital. In spite of the challenges that faced her, she delivered on her promise. She is goal oriented, focused and energetic.

Ms. Yost has demonstrated her ability to connect and engage parents in becoming more aware of their children’s potential to learn and enjoy performing music. She has created a learning environment that is developmentally appropriate.

This is evidenced by the reduction in the resistance of the students who, at first, did no appreciate the type of music she was exposing them to and teaching them to learn. A number of those students now are anxious to spend extra time with her when the opportunity presents itself.

She is providing a musical education that is morally, intellectually, patriotically, spiritually, and culturally challenging. It is somewhat amusing to hear her lecturing the children, in her Russian accent, on their need to know the patriotic songs of America and what patriotism means. As you are aware, what we do for and with children in their early years lives on for generations yet unborn.”

Cynthia M. Williams, M. S., MFT



Larysa Yost brings out the best in every student!



“Most parents with children learning the same amount of time as my daughter are so astonished with my daughter’s ability to play such advance pieces. I deeply feel that it’s Larysa’s unique style of teaching that makes her so special. Larysa brings out the best in every student!”

Cindy Chan, San Franisco, 2005

In 2002-2003, Larysa Yost taught piano at St. Joseph’s School of Music (St. Paul, Minnesota)

Minnesota trio


“The switch from Suzuki method to a mixture of traditional and contemporary one wasn’t easy for both of us, but with Larysa’s experience as a teacher, my daughter has discovered the joy of reading written music and got very comfortable with the teacher”.

Catherine G. St Paul, MN 2003


We collaborated on some independent projects, and I have been impressed by Larysa’s professionalism and knowledge of literature. She finds the way of motivating her students to study music more in depth and to instill in them a love of music.

Silvia N, MN, St. Paul, 2003


I believe this approach provides a very strong foundation from which to pursuer either classical or popular piano style.

Nancy Nelson, St. Paul, 2003


Larysa teaches all her students to work their hardest and encourages them to be individuals. I would say she gives a new meaning to teaching and makes us strive for success”.

Jason More, St. Paul, MN 2003


“As a result of Larysa’s teaching, my son was reinvigorated. Larysa’s love of children is apparent during the piano lessons. She approaches the lessons with skill and professionalism, but at the same time with a great sense of fun”.

Erin M.


“My daughter has made significant progress in the past 6 months. Larysa’s style of teaching has encouraged her to play pieces which are harder and more interesting than most beginning piano students are able to master”

Paul R.