Rates & Policy

Rates for One Weekly Class (per student):
We teach children and adults

You can purchase ONE lesson and see if you/your child and the teacher are a good match.



30 min-$50, 45 min-$60, 60 min- 2 back-to-back 30-min lessons

SHARED LESSON (2 students in class)

45 min-$40 per student, 60 min-$45 per student (You find for a partner)

12 music lesson package (You pay for 11)


Twelve 30-minute lessons -$550
Twelve 45-minute lessons-$660



Private lesson – 45 minute-$60
Group lesson – 60 minute-$30


Four recitals per year (September -$25, December-$25, March $30, June $25)



45 min-$50, 60 min-$55


  •     Parents are welcome  to be present at  the lessons and  make videos.
  •     Parents of younger children ( 3-6 year -old)   are  taught   how to guide  their children at home.
  •     We are renting  out keyboards to new students free of charge
  •     You are getting an extra free lesson in case you bring a new student to our school
  •      If you prepay for three months, you are getting one free lesson
  •     We will  consult you regarding buying instruments and help to buy and tune  them.

Attendance. Payment and Make up Policy:

  • Students agree to arrive at each lesson punctually, well prepared, and with all necessary materials.
  • Students arriving late will only receive the remaining time of the lesson.  Students are responsible for keeping their lessons time slots.
  • We only accept monthly payments.
  • No refunds are provided. You will always have to prepay for the next month at the last lesson of each month.
  • In case you need to skip a lesson, a 24-hour advance notice is required in order to get a make up lesson scheduled; otherwise, your absence  is not excused.
  • Two makeups are allowed for a three-months period.  In case you want to quit, you have to give us a two-week notice.

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