Helping Ukraine

colage 710 x 204+

Here, at our school, we, teachers, students and their parents, have been trying to help victims of
the unprecedented, never announced war in Ukraine. We do NOT support any politicians or army. When the politicians bring armies to fight, it is the children and their families that are getting hurt.

We do support victims of the war, and first of all the children, who have lost their parents and those who are invalids. We help single mothers and elderly people. This is an effort to raise awareness and funds to help and support families, affected by the tragic events in Ukraine, and to deliver support from people around the world.

We Do Not Collect clothes, food or money. We SHARE ADDRESSES of those groups, institutions and private persons, who ask for help online ( mostly on Facebook) and who can provide their addresses, phone numbers and video or photo information about how our help is received.


Those in the US, who are willing to help, can use such post services as Nazarene of Help and to send parcels to Ukraine by sea. Those parcels will arrive in 2-3 months. It’s more expensive to use the faster USPS service but also doable.
Warm clothes of all sizes (first of all clothes for children, ages zero to eighteen), warm boots, coats, hats, stationary for school children, pampers for infants and old people (very important!), medications for cold, antibiotics, insulin linen, shampoo, soap, tooth paste . . . and on and on are needed.

Please, donate what you can, support a child or a family and make a difference in those lives when they need it most. It is possible to pay for a big package of food in your country and have it delivered from the store in Vinnitsa (Western Ukraine) to the home addresses in any city of Ukraine. This is also done by Nazarene of Help. The price for a big parcel is $123.

We have created a Facebook group Help Victims of the War in Ukraine! People will ask for help in Russian or Ukrainian languages there. We’ll translate everything for you free of charge.

Our school sends funds through Western Union, and you can do the same if you feel how much the suffering and starving people need your help. If you admire Slavic music and literature, join our Facebook groups Friends of Slavic Culture,

Slavic People in SF Bay Area, talk to us and be with us. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Let us try to befriend those who are in need right now!