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Since November 2011, Larysa Yost has been volunteering as a music teacher at West Bay Christian Academy On May 11, 2012, her students participated in a talent show.
Our “Teddy Bears”, “Six Little Ducks”, “Mary” with her funny “Lamb”, the “Baby Bird” that didn’t listen to his Mom–all of them pleased their parents and guests of the Academy.

 Our beginner  piano players have worked hard in order to accompany the singing of their peers.  Eventually, they  found themselves accompanying not only the children but also all adults, who were glad to  sing about “Ten Little Fingers” and  about  that still falling  down  in famous nursery rhymes “London Bridge”. All guests, parents and children united as a choir singing “Do, Re, Mi” song soulfully and with great enthusiasm.

Larysa has not been alone teaching the children. From the very beginning, she has been encouraged and supported by the Principal, Mr. Edward Swift,  her teacher colleagues, especially by Ms. Marylin Hutcheon, who has always participated in lessons and trained her little students, and the parents. No wonder, everybody was happy to see the performance and to actively participate in it!

Ruth, a Kindergarten student, who has three sisters,has a  great pitch and a strong, beautiful voice. Ruth teaches her sisters how to sing and play bells.

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