Nowadays, an idea of homeschooling does visit the heads of many parents, but only a few of them can afford its implementation for several reasons:

1. both parents have to work
2. parents do not believe that, if one of them stays home, he/she will be able to teach their children in a serious, professional way
3. the lack of socialization their children would experience is suspected by most parents, who are used to believe that school provides a needed level and the quality of socialization
4. the fear to have the children fail when attempting to enter a university.

Homeschooling is for those parents, who assume the responsibility for educating their children at home with or without help by professional instructors.

Homeschooling competes with schools by giving parents and the educators, who are helping them, another choice in educating the children. A parent doesn’t have to be able to teach all subjects. Lots of companies specialize in outstanding learning materials for homeschoolers.
The homeschool removes the child from the intensive, ready-made social world of school, which brings the worries of influences of drugs and sexual pressure.

Testing services are available for families who desire to have their children tested, but testing is not required at private schools of California and from homeschooled children. Plus, performance assessments, usually used by homeschooling parents, are much better than standardized tests used at public schools.

Such prestigious universities as Hayward and Yale as well as all the rest universities do admit homeschoolers.

Some of our school instructors have got experience working with homeschooling parents as their assistants. They’ve performed their duties successfully, teaching academics and adding music and Russian language, which could be taught as a mother tongue or a second/third language.

We offer a well-structured curriculum for different grades of elementary school

We can work as parents’ assistants or as teachers for a group of 3-5 elementary school children, who have working parents and who are close in age. We are ready to take full responsibility for your child’s day full of learning and joy. We can commit to helping your child be well prepared for any standardized test.

Let us discuss your needs and wishes!

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