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Here, at Trio School, we believe that good things come in Three’s. That is why, our core curriculum covers the three chief subjects of Music, Dance, and Languages. Our award-winning faculty is classically trained and professionally experienced in a wide range of music and dance styles as well as in languages and chess. Some of our instructors have Master’s degree and are known as performing musicians and dancers. Our language professors are native speakers of both classical and modern Russian, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Developing interlocking skills is important to us. Our students have access to the breadth of learning opportunities that is sure to match any interests.

We believe that our objectives as instructors are three. That is, it is not enough to just educate students; we must also challenge and nurture them, so that they are prepared for life and success. Therefore, our faculty is familiar with an array of teaching methods that can match any student’s learning style.
Because we teach students as young as one and two year-old, we are prepared to kindle a creative spirit in even the most beginner of students. Of course, our advanced students are not overlooked. We supply all our students with proficiency appropriate materials so that, regardless of skill-level, they are never bored and are constantly being encouraged to advance. All our students get the individual attention they need and deserve.

Ravi S., the father of one of our best students, participated in the marathon in October 2012 having our school banner of his chest. This is what he has to say: “Larysa’s passion for music is noteworthy. She does her marathon every day with her untiring efforts towards the kids/parents to kindle the love for music in them. This run of mine was dedicated to the all music lovers at Trio-school and to their beloved teacher.”

We believe that education requires cultivating a three-way relationship between parents, teachers, and children. It has been repeatedly proven that time practicing at home is just as important to a child’s development, if not more so, than time practicing in the classroom. For this reason, we work closely with parents to teach them how tocoach and keep their children motivated outside the classroom. In fact, we invite parents to attend classes together with their children, and we do allow them to use their video and audio recording devices! Having vidoes of each lesson at home is the most helpful tool the students can use!
Recently, we have started to offer new programs, such as the program “Mom & Me”, piano lessons at the age of three.We’ve found out that NOT only mothers, but also fathers are good to study together with their little ones. Those parents participate in our recitals side by side with their children! We also offer piano and voice lessons for expecting mothers and parents of infants. This program is designed to get parents in the classroom learning directly with their children even before their birth and immediately after!

We do welcome adults of any age to study music and languages with us. Depending of their age and their life styles, we have several different ways to approach their study. There are different levels of playing music, one of which is about so called “fake” songs, that allow very beginners to immediately start to play and even perform. And there are different levels of adaptation of serious classical pieces, which helps adultstudents to play the music they love.

We know that parental involvement is pivotal to a child’s development, and here, at Trio School, each of us is a part of the team of Kindred Spirits. Recently, one of the parents of our students has run a half-marathon having our school banner on his chest. We all are going to attend “The Nutcracker” ballet, because one of our stuents is having four roles in it, and we all feel proud of her! We love to bring joy to those who want to listen and to see us; that is why, we have our recitals happen every three months at senior living facilities and different places for children.

You are most welcome to join us in our exciting journey!



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